Professional Resume ( PDF copy also available)


United States Military Academy, West Point, New York
B.S., Computer Science

Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, Colorado
M.B.A., Project Management

Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, Colorado
M.S., Information Technology: Security Management

Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
Masters Certificate, National Security

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
CLSSBB, CLSSGB, & CLSS, Six Sigma Certification Program


Results-oriented professional with diverse leadership experience in high caliber organizations in both the military and civilian sectors. Strengths include organizational leadership, project management, security management, technology management, cost optimization, setting strategic vision for organizations, learning and development, performance improvement, and leading organizational change. I’m passionate about serving others, serving my Country, driving high level strategic direction, and having a positive impact on the organizations that I chose to be a part of. I’m interested in partnering with organizations that I can be proud of and passionate about. I work hard and embrace the values of ownership, honor, and integrity.


June 2019 to Current: Division Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory:
Responsible for the Safeguards division which includes nuclear material control and accountability, planning and analysis, deployed security, classified matter protection and control, classification, and export control.
• Managed planning in support of increasing the nuclear warhead pit production mission.
• Managed mission critical groups while interfacing with senior leadership both within Los Alamos National Laboratory and from Federal oversight from NNSA and DOE.
• Improved metrics by over 90% in some of the most critical areas.
• Helped create and deliver new manager training programs supporting LANLs success for years to come.

Feb 2018 to June 2019: Infrastructure Regional Manager, Amazon Web Services:
Primarily responsible for the AWS business (including P&L ownership) in the country of Bahrain with additional responsibilities for other parts of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) including in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, the UAE, and Kuwait. Responsible for government/commercial engagement at all levels (including the king, crown prince, minster level, US ambassador, and senior executives with commercial entities). Responsible for ensuring the success of the region including operations, sales, strategic planning, networking, power/land, etc.
• Managed the launch of the first AWS region in MENA keeping the project within scope, on time, and within budget.
• Represented AWS at senior level meetings with external government and commercial stakeholders then leveraged those relationships to remove barriers for the business.
• Successfully engaged senior level government officials in multiple MENA countries to help steer national strategy/investment in telecommunications and IT infrastructure with the goal of realizing mutual benefit for both regional countries and AWS (including reducing costs by as much as 50%).

Feb 2015 to Feb 2018: Regional Manager,
Responsible for three facilities across Texas with 40 managers, over 800 employees, and 4,000 contractors. Responsible for security, safety, risk management, strategic planning, establishing and fostering an organizational vision, team building, budget management, inventory management, procurement, and change management.
• Managed one of the largest and most complex regions in the global network while helping establish best practices for the entire network and setting records for KPI performance including the lowest delivery cost in the world.
• Selected to design and run a training program for new managers that has trained hundreds of managers for the company.
• Established and managed a transitioning military leader program designed to prepare transitioning military leaders for civilian careers.

Oct 2010 to Feb 2015: Project Manager / Operations Manager,
Responsible for managing major projects within the organization and mentoring subordinate managers on special projects and regular operations in a 1.2 million square foot state of the art facility with 5,000 employees. Managed teams of up to 800 employees (including 6 subordinate managers and 14 first line supervisors).
• Selected as a regional subject matter expert overseeing capacity management issues for 15 facilities including developing future projections using historical data, mentoring managers from each site, and monitoring KPI’s for the region.
• Worked with the leadership team to implement an employee attrition reduction plan that resulted in a 50% reduction in attrition for the department and an estimated $1.8 million in savings annually.
• Managed all major projects for the facility (managing scope, schedules, budgets, and deliverables) with project teams of up to 180 employees per project
• Oversaw the onboarding and training of over 4,000 new employees
• Led many lean process improvement projects including one that resulted in changes to the entire North American network with estimated savings of $1.5 million per building, per year and another project that resulted in an estimated savings of $1 million per year.
• Led a process improvement project that was recognized by the CEO as one of the best in the global network with estimated savings of approximately $500,000 per year, per building ($10 million total).

July 2004 to Oct 2010: Project Manager / Operations Manager (Infantry Officer), U.S. Army:
Responsible for planning & managing security operations in support of a battalion deployed to Iraq. Managed safety, security, and emergency response operations for over 3,000 military and civilian personnel from multiple countries on forward operating bases in Diwaniyah and Basra Iraq while partnering with the British military as well as Iraqi Army, police, and militia. Mentored 20-30 subordinate leaders. Planned and managed large scale operations with a focus on both kinetic combat operations and force protection/security.
• Managed current operations & emergency response for a unit of over 800 soldiers during 12 months of combat operations and over 8,000 combat patrols conducted by the unit while managing security for a multi-national force of 3000 people.
• Managed distribution and transportation into Iraq for equipment valued at over $125 million dollars.
• Managed an operation relocating over 800 soldiers, 225 vehicles/containers, and 14,000 items of equipment (valued at over $175 million) from Diwaniyah, Iraq to Basra, Iraq. Acted as a liaison effectively coordinating with British and Iraqi elements as well as senior leadership within the U.S. military while coordinating the transfer of security and operational responsibilities in the region.
• Selected to manage logistics for an organization of over 900 employees with 12,000 pieces of equipment valued at over $150 million dollars and an organizational credit card program with an annual budget of $1.2 million
• Managed a security training course for the organization of over 3,000 U.S. soldiers and elements from four other countries.
• Planned, established, and ran a joint security center with U.S. forces, Iraqi Army, and Iraqi Police. Managed operations and emergency response operations (including U.S. ground forces, U.S. fixed wing and rotary wing support, unmanned aerial vehicles, Iraqi Army, and Iraqi police).
• Served as the 4th Infantry Division main effort in an operation/project to establish a joint operating base in Tarmiyah, Iraq that helped establish new doctrine for U.S. operations in Iraq while bringing security and stability to an extremely violate region.


• Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Purdue University
• Certified Lean Six Sigma, Purdue University
• Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Purdue University
• Certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), ASIS International
• Maintained a Top-Secret Department of Defense security clearance while in the military
• Completed the United States Army Ranger School
• Completed the United States Army Airborne School
• Completed the United States Army Air Assault School
• Completed the United States Army Mechanized Leaders Course (M2A2 & M2A3)
• Completed the United States Army Maneuver Captains Career Course
• Completed the United States Army Infantry Officer Basic Course
• Awarded the Combat Infantry Badge & four Army Commendation Medals
• Worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory (TSA-5: Military System Analysis Group), as a student, designing and managing databases for the Stability Modeling Project XAUE/0010
• Completed Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Microsoft Access courses at the University of New Mexico (UNM)
• Certified Business Professional, AWS (Amazon Web Services)
• Certified Technical Professional, AWS (Amazon Web Services)
• Completed Amazon GSO Site Security Certification
• Completed Amazon GSO Site Security Facilitator Certification
• Completed IAEA Nuclear Security Disciplines course: Transport Security
• Completed IAEA Nuclear Security Disciplines course: Accounting & Control in Nuclear Security
• Completed IAEA Nuclear Security Disciplines course: Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities
• Certified Safety Officer, United States Army III Corps
• Certified Casualty Notification Officer, United States Army CNO program
• Certified Casualty Assistance Officer, United States Army CAO program
• Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED, American Red Cross
• Completed United States Joint Forces Command Personnel Recovery training